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Posted: February 8, 2012 by celiaayli in general
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As part of the story project here at Evelina, we wrote a story as a group today. We used some story cubes as prompts and we had to work together to create a story. It is difficult writing a story as a group as you have to listen to each other’s ideas and try and say yes to them as much as possible. After a bit of arguing over aliens and yetis and spacemen we eventually came up with this story.

But… we left the ending open for people to write their own conclusions. Have a read of the story and some of the alternative endings. Which do you like? and why? and then have a go and write your own ending!!

Once there was a robot called Sparky. He lived on the planet Jupiter. There had been lots of battles on Jupiter between the robots and the aliens from Mars and now only the robots were left.

Ring, ring! Ring, ring! Suddenly Sparky’s phone rang. He picked it up and it was his friend the Genius Scientist Baby (or GSB for short) who had built sparky fifty years ago.

“We have a problem! I have been kidnapped by some spacemen!”

“Okay – Don’t worry! I’m coming straight away and I’m bringing my mates. Tell me where you are.” said Sparky.

The Scientist said “I think I overheard them say they were taking me to a haunted house.”

Sparky and his robot friends rode their hover-motorbikes to the rocket station and took a rocket straight to Pluto where the scientist lived. When they arrived they used their ghost-o-meter to pinpoint the haunted house. Luckily they had brought their robotmobile and their ray guns. They sped off to the haunted house.

When they got near they turned off their engines so no-one would hear them. They sneakily walked up to the house but as they reached the front door they fell through a trap door into the basement. In the corner of the basement, tied to a chair with red handkerchiefs was the Genius Scientist Baby and behind them were three spacemen ready to knock them out.

Before the spacemen could strike, Sparky knocked them all out with his turbo powered arm and the robots were safe. On the floor they found some chains and they tied the spacemen up. They tried to free the GSB but they couldn’t as he was locked to the chair. They searched the basement for a key and finally found it in the hand of the king spaceman.

The robots unlocked the GSB and decided to take him and the spacemen back to Jupiter.

When they returned to Jupiter………

  1. El-lo says:

    When they returned to Jupiter… they decide that spaceman have to take oxygen off, wait for them to die so they can eat the spaceman.

  2. Kee says:

    When they returned to Jupiter everyone went to sleep. The robots woke up in the morning to blow up Pluto, so this would never happen again.

    They used a ginormous water cannon to blow the spacemen back to Pluto and then fired a Taliban terrorist bomb at the planet.

    Bang! Pluto was turned into a huge fireball.

    Sparky and his friends stood on Jupiter and watched.

    “Oh, we didn’t expect that to happen! Ooops!”

    THE END.

  3. inc says:

    When they returned to Jupiter, they found the planet in darkness. There was a cloud of ash hanging in the air.
    Everyone; robots, the Genius Scientist Baby, and the spacemen, looked about them.
    The King Spaceman was the first to speak.
    “Was this the work of the aliens?” he asked.
    “Yes,” said Sparky. “We defeated them, but our planet is in ruins.”
    “I know we are your prisoners, but if you free us, we will help you to rebuild your planet, and we can be friends.”
    Sparky looked at his fellow robots, then at the Genius Scientist Baby.
    “Deal,” he said, and the Genius Scientist Baby made the tea while they cleared up.

  4. :) says:

    when they get back to jupiter sparky and the gsb fall asleep. while there asleep the spacemen escape and come an kill the gsb an sparky and the spacemen take over the world four ever. 🙂

  5. hbl010 says:

    They saw the aliens from mars.
    “I thought we killed them all,” said Sparky. As they approached them, one of the aliens stepped forward.
    “We come in peace!” said the alien. GSB started laughing.
    “What’s funny?” asked Sparky.
    “Well, that’s the line they use in all those alien films,” replied GSB, still laughing.
    The aliens all walked towards Sparky and GSB. The aliens put out their arms to hug Sparky and GSB.
    That night, on Jupiter, the aliens and robots had a big party.
    “I love aliens,” said Sparky.
    “I love robots,” said the alien.

  6. :D says:

    when they get back to Jupiter the planet was very dark an cold as ice.They can also hear strange noises.Sounding like little chipmunks .As sparky an the GSB look around , they see some aliens. An the aliens where every funny an welcoming, sparky an GSB got to no them every well and they all had a little song an dance an lived happily ever after.

    • :) says:

      I enjoyed reading this story. The only problem is that there is a few capital letters that need to be put in, but very well done. A lot better version! 🙂

  7. INC says:

    When this story was being created in the classroom, I thought it was mad, and not really going anywhere.
    But I really like the results, with the different ideas suddenly coming together and working out.
    Let’s get the storyboard up with it asap.

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