Writer’s residency continues

Posted: January 30, 2012 by hbl010 in HBL, news, Pupil
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Jennifer Lunn, 33, writer and director starts the second week of her residency.

Jennifer or Jen as she’s known by at the secondary classroom is creating a story project. Jen is collecting stories from all across the hospital and the school. The stories which are written mainly by pupils will be made into a book. The book will also be made into a digital book and will be available on the school website and the secondary blog. This is what Jen said “I’m really excited about the stories I’ve gathered. They are a real mix – from lonely tortoises, to scary towers, to giraffe chasing monsters. It’s such fun to be meeting so many great storytellers here at Evelina.

Here is a link to the school website: http://www.evelina.southwark.sch.uk/

  1. INC says:

    A good first draft, but not up to the high standards I now expect from you hbl. Look at punctuation, and check the accuracy of your information. You can repost and maybe include photos of some of the writing that people have produced.

  2. ROH says:

    I m must agree with what INC has said your righting seems to miss the excitement that we all have here at the school with Jen being here remember it’s not everyday that we have a artist at residence is it?

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