100 Word Challenge

Posted: January 18, 2012 by INC in Flash fiction

The next 100 Word Challenge is up!
This week’s prompt is a picture:

You have until next Tuesday to post your story in a comment box.
Good luck!

  1. Go girl says:

    Bees are vicious because they sting people. This bee is a mutant bee. It mutated because it used too much Lynx! Some people have phobias of bees and this bee has a phobia of humans. Bees need to be killed because when they sting humans, humans turn mad because the sting doesn’t react with human blood. They fly over the town looking like planes, and their wings falling off and dropping on people’s heads. They have no place in this city need to get rid of them! Our mission will take place on the 31st of January 2012! Thank you.

    • Mrs Skinner says:

      Hello Go Girl!
      This is quite a scientific entry for the 100WC! I hope your mission is successful! You have used some great descriptive language to help your readers feel the panic that must be around. Thsnk you for joining the 100WC

      Hopefull, your pieces will be linked to 100wc.net next time.

    • ROH says:

      This story was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It might be a good idea to go over what you have written and check for punctuation and I think that you are missing a few words at the end. But in the end I thought that it was a really good job

  2. roo says:

    “There is a mutant bee in town” said Sergeant Hingy.
    The bee was in the dome destroying the shops.
    The bee was called Beethingymaging but the town called him banjo.
    The king wanted to make a deal with the bee.
    The deal was for the bee to be nice in.
    The town and to make honey for the town in.
    In return of the bee to have a life time.
    Supply of honey and a colony the bee agreed but.
    A year later the king ran out of honey and.
    The bee destroyed the town and went to his home.

    • Mrs Skinner says:

      Goodness Roo – so much for good intentions eh! Thank you for sharing this story for the 100WC. I like the way you have laid it out. Makes it easy for your readers. Just make sure each line makes sense. Hope to see your work on the 100wc.net site!

      • ROH says:

        This story is very very very good it has a nice structure and flow. The only thing that I thought that could be worked on is the way that you put “the” at the start of most of your sentences and I thought that it was a bit to repetitive. And you I thought that there were one or two little mistakes in your grammar. But in the end I did enjoy it a lot 🙂

  3. Red Devil says:

    “Why do we have bees?” said colonel Victor Rushmor, saying to his right hand man Likas Moore. “They are a nuisance to the United Kingdom but we could agree something.” unknown to the bee he was sleeping very heavily. But in the night he transformed into a mutant bee. Unknown to colonel Rushmor the mutant bee was killing everyone in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin and Manchester. “We cannot do this,” said Likas Moore. But sadly on the 11th May 2012 there was no one in the UK at all. But colonel Rushmor kept on going to the end,

    • Mrs Skinner says:

      Hi Red Devil!
      This is a great story but would be even better if you had planned it out a bit. You hve lots of great ideas but some of them don’t make sense. You could tweak it so that they do. I do hope you will write again for the 100wc on the blog so that others will see it!

    • ROH says:

      What a bittersweet story that was. I did enjoy it but I thought that there was something about the was that it was written that made it hard for me to read I think that it could do with being reread out loud and it could do with a bit more punctuation. But I did enjoy it so very good and keep up the good work 🙂

  4. bernie says:

    Here is a recording for the 100 word challenge. listen here

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