100 Word Challenge

Posted: January 11, 2012 by ROH in Flash fiction, fun, Quizzes and Puzzles
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All of us here are massive fans of creative writing especially Flash Fiction. So imagine are delight when we got a comment from theheadsoffice telling us of something that they do called the 100 word challenge. After some looking into the rules of how to play we were hooked and so we invite all of you to come and join us in Evelnasec’s first ever 100 word challenge.

The first word that we are using is borrowed from theheadsoffice and is G.R.O.W.I.N.G

The golden rule

the aim is that you use 100 words but I will accept 95 – 105.

Inspiration might be got from a picture or a word.

I will accept any form of creative writing whether it be a poem to a short story the only thing that should stop you is your imagination.

So all that is left to say is GOOD LUCK and I look forward to reading what you have written.
 Once you’ve posted your story in a comment here, copy the link to the heads office

  1. hbl010 says:

    A man-eating giant has fallen to his death from a beanstalk in Peckham.
    Last night, Jack Green, aged ten, the grower of the beanstalk, chopped it down to prevent the giant climbing down into his garden.
    Jack had run into the garden after hearing his mother screaming.
    Mrs Green, a widow, was hanging out washing when she heard the giant’s voice.
    “I was terrified,” she said. “He was threatening to turn me into bread. It was all Jack’s fault for bringing home those silly beans in the first place.”
    Jack and his mother are being treated for shock in hospital

  2. Hi!
    Great to see you have caught up with 100 Word Challenge. If you follow the prompt given you could then link each post to the site and get lots of visitors to your blog! Here is this weeks prompt which closes at midnight on Tuesday 17th Jan. Hope you join in!

  3. hbl18 says:

    HBL’s Story:
    The dark was growing. And I was getting scared. I thought playing hide and seek in a creepy old man’s house would be fun. But now I was scared. I heard a loud bang. “Charlie, I know its you. Stop trying to scare me,” I screamed out. Charlie had been the pratical joker in the group always playing pranks so I thought this was another one of his sick jokes. I came out from where I was hiding and charlie came running out from the other room. He was as pale as a ghost. “Whats up Charlie?” Charlie’s eyes flickered from me to his hands. I looked down and there it was. There was blood.

    • INC says:

      Nice. A tense little story. The way you alternate short and long sentences to start is effective, also the way you use that short sentence at the end. A cliffhanger… You could make a longer story out of this if you wanted.
      Check through again for punctuation and typos, maybe think of a less clichéd simile for paleness.

      Have you seen the new challenge?

  4. orlandoayli says:

    I used the instructions from this post to insert my story which I photographed:

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