Introducing the EveSec Blog Award

Posted: January 10, 2012 by orlandoayli in Event, general
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EveSec Blog Award

It all started with a few searches on but then suddenly our dreary trawl was over, our job was done, we’d found THEM!

Here we have some interesting links for you on some things I guarantee you’ve never come across before in your life!
First of all have a look at this link, it didn’t make it as one of our best but it has a very informative article about rugby which I’m sure you’ll like. The rest of the blog is very intriguing though and will appeal to the more mature audience.

The blogs that we are nominating are: this is a very interesting blog for young people, you’ll regret not having a look!

The link above is my favourite, but have a look at these other blogs, they will satisfy your expensive taste 😉

hhtp:/”>”>”>“> This is one for the ladies 😉


Well you might be wondering why we started are blog awards. As members of we wanted a way of showing others out there in the blogosphere that we not only had seen there blog but that we actually thought that it was either interesting or that it was so cool that we couldn’t stop reading it.

We would have courses like to mention everyone that we looked at but the list would just be too long so don’t feel too disheartened I’m sure that you will get onto or list next time

  1. Would love you to get involved with the 100 Word Challenge. To see the range of the things we’ve done this year have a look here.

    We’ve now moved to a new blog at

    There are lots of ideas for the future including vlogging posts and linking with quadblogging! Do join in. It gets you lots of visits to this great blog!

  2. MyBnk Blog says:

    Hi guys! MyBnk here, raaaaarh.

    We’re all chuffed we’re up for the cup and you like our little ramblings – fanks.

    Just so ye don’t go off the beat and track the bloggo is actually here:

    Fingers crossed

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