Are the Coles on Fire?

Posted: June 20, 2011 by sunclassroom in general

Ashely and Cheryl ColeAshley and Cheryl Cole were divorced last September due to Ashley cheating on his wife, but apparently, the Coles are thinking of getting back together as The News of the World ,in their most recent paper dated the 19th June 2011 quoted: “Cheryl moves back in with Ash”.

Some sources say that they have moved back together yet some disagree, mostly because of what Cheryl Cole’s representative said; ‘Cheryl has no plans to go on holiday with Ashley and she isn’t back with him,’

In conclusion I personally think as an individual that they are getting back together, though it is a bad idea because if Ashley can cheat on Cheryl once he can do it again.


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  2. Pseu says:

    Great headline for your story!

    I agre, if he has misbehaved once, how can she trust him again? !

  3. j.c says:

    i think she is mad 🙂 x

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