The Leaf

Posted: May 20, 2011 by ROH in Flash fiction

As the day goes on, still wating, still waiting fro you to grow. Grow Big and Tall or Short and Small, no matter what or how you grow, for years and years, you dont grow and now you start to sprout.

You sprout up in the sky, high high high, and now you grow Tall and Small, at your not little at all. Your Brown and Rough, and your now quite tough, now your leaves have formed.

leaves are starting to die, once was green and now is brown. You start to Srink, but wait, what do i see. Is that really. What I see. ONE more leaf, a nice green leaf. we have to save this one green leaf. You die over the the years but for me to remember you, your one green leaf.

Years have past, Your leaf still green, and you in my back garden, we chopped you down and turned you into wood chips.  So your still there but your one little leaf still stay here today the green the small. THE LEAF

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  2. cn says:

    I thout this was a really nice, sweet and good poem about the leaf,

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