Flash Fiction Comes Early

Posted: April 27, 2011 by INC in Flash fiction

As we shall not be at school on Friday, we are setting this week’s flash fiction early.

If you haven’t joined in before, search some of the previous flash fiction posts to see how it works.

The three words you need to include this week are:

wedding, gutter, dry-ice.

Get writing!

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  2. bmordan says:

    “No dry-icing” shouted Gus the cake Chef. With such a big wedding coming up, he did not want to make the same mistake. Leaving out the gelatin from the royal icing was not good for the teeth! If Gus made a boob like that again he know he’d be in the gutter.

    Not a dry icing in the house

  3. evelinasec says:

    “Time goes so slow,”groaned Gemma, slouching in her chair. “I swear the hands on that clock haven’t moved all the time we’ve been here.”
    When her mother didn’t answer, Gemma picked up a copy of Heat magazine from the table and listlessly turned the pages. It felt like she had spent her whole life sitting in hospital waiting areas. The magazine was full of the usual photographs of celebrities looking a state, falling out of nightclubs and into the gutter, or tanned and toned on the beach.
    Why did people read this stuff week after week, she wondered. Who cared? Had they really so little going on in their own lives they had to follow what actors in Eastenders got up to offset?
    And of course there was the obligatory wedding; some over the top event with dry ce in a country church; the vicar barely visible above the smoke; the women competing for who could wear the highest heels; the men looking like they would rather be propping up the bar of their local pub. Well, you wouldn’t catch her Gemma Duncan, at a do like that. No way. If she couldn’t wear her jeans she was not interested. Maybe if she got an invitation to Will and Kate’s wedding she might make an exception, but that was about as likely as the moon really being made of blue cheese, so not worth even considering.
    Gemma looked around the waiting room and the people sitting in the blue plastic chairs. She reached in her pocket for her ‘phone. Maybe she could text Rowan. He might make her laugh, or least stop her from screaming from boredom.
    Beside her, her mother suddenly reached for her handbag. “Darling,” she said to Gemma, handing her a creamy white envelope with a coat of arms on the back, “I nearly forgot. This came for you in the post.”
    Gemma turned the envelope over in her hands. The paper felt thick and luxurious. Her name was written in flowing copperplate script. She opened it and took out a card. There was a gold embossed crown with EIIR underneath it, and then, “The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by The Queen to invite Gemma Duncan to the Marriage of ….”
    “Mum,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper, “Look. Look at this. I’ve been invited to the wedding. Mum! I’m going to the wedding!”

  4. hbl010 says:

    “ what to wear” Amy moaned to her mother using her spoilt brat voice. Amy’s mother rolled her eys and carried on flicking through glossy fashion magazines.
    “what about this dress?” Amy’s mothered asked.
    Amy was like any other 17 year old. Spoilt, stubborn and lazy. The only difference was Amy had a wedding to attend and still couldn’t find a decent dress to wear.
    “trust me to be invited to the Royal wedding and have nothing to wear,” Amy winged as she threw another item of clothing over her head at her mother.

    Amy had woke up that previous Monday morning, getting ready to go to college. She had done her regular routine of hair, makeup and breakfast when she heard the letter box rattle.
    Finally, she thought. Amy was expecting an important letter from a top university letting her know if she would be accepted or not. She definitely didn’t expect what happened next.
    She shuffled over to the door where the post was laying on the floor. There were the usual bills and junk mail. As she flicked through the post she found her university letter. She stared at the letter for a minute or two and then carried on flicking through the post.

    “Bills, bills, bills!” moaned Amy. As she turned to see the next letter, She noticed a gold envelope. As she read the heading she had to hold in her scream.
    “Mum, mum!” yelled Amy. As her mum came rushing in Amy was standing there tearing open the letter like she was a little child on Christmas day.
    “Did you get in Amy?” asked her mother.
    “Huh? Oh the uni, I havent opened the letter yet. Im talking about this one. Look!” Amy said shoving the gold envelope into her mothers face.

    “Wow Amz. Erm are you sure this is for you? “ Amys mother asked.
    “ Yes mum. It has my name on it. Look im invited to the Royal wedding!” exclaimed Amy.

    As she finished opened the letter, there was a wonderful printed sheet of paper for Amy.

    ‘Dear Miss Amy Pearson,’ read the letter. ‘You have the priviledge to be inivited to the wedding of Katherine Middleton and Prince William on Friday 29th April 2011.

    Amy didnt even get the chance to read the end of the letter as her mother had snatched the letter out of her hand.
    ‘Plus one’ read the letter. They were the only words that Amy’s mother saw.
    “Plus one Amy,” said her mother. “ Plus one, so erm who you taking?”questioned her mother.
    Amy rolled her eyes and started laughing.

    “Well not you,” Amy said. “ Your to busy any other time, so your to busy to come to the wedding!”
    Since then Amys mother spent every moment possible with Amy. Since finding out about the wedding, Amys mother had been taking her shopping, hoping Amy would ask her to be her plus one for the wedding. Of course Amy was going to be taking her mother to the Royal wedding.

    “Amz, you need to chill, you have weeks to find a outfit. How abouy you go and get ready for college instead. Take your mind off finding and dress and throwing all your old outfits at me.
    Amy did what she was told and went to college. When she arrived, she met her best friend at the door. They hadnt seen each other in a couple of days and they had to do some catching up.

    “Guess what Emma !” Amy said excitedly.
    “No, what, tell me” Emma said confused and slightly worried. Emma didnt like Amy’s guess whats. They were usually always bad.
    “ Well you know this Royal wedding with erm that fit bloke and that skinny common one? Well yeah I got invited to it!” Amy couldnt control her excitement anymore and started jumping up and down like a three year old.

    “Shut-up!!” Emma said bursting out laughing. “ I wonder what type of wedding its going to be.”
    “ I have no idea,” Amy said. “ Probably one of the posh do’s with dry ice and loads of flowers and like millions of bridemaids and like all the royals and and and.” Amy couldn’t finish the end of her entence. She had forgotten to taken a breath inbetween each word and now couldn’t talk at all.

    “Im proper nervous!” Amy said when she finally managed to recover. “ What happens if I do or say something wrong? You know me Emma, the last wedding I attended I fell straight into the gutter!” laughed Amy embarrassed.
    Emma cringed at the thought.

    “ Oh yeah, before I forget, will you be my plus one. My mum keeps hinting and dont want to take her!”

    “Seriously Amy, I was already planning my outfit before you even asked me!” laughed Emma.

  5. ROH says:

    the photographs have been taken, the flowers have been chosen, the church was booked, the Dry ice machine was primed and ready to go and of course the hat was bought and paid for. Yes tomorrow was all set to be perfect.

    It was around 6pm when my hands started to shake, I could not and would not give into them, so as I brushed the sweat off my hands and rubbed them until they were dry, and the feeling of dread momentarily faded. I gathered myself and placed one foot in front of the other and proceeded down the hall. I said to myself one step at a time until I had reached the solid oak doors that roes from the floor and went on forever. I placed my hand over the gold handles and pushed.

    The doors swung open and revealed what can only be described as something from a Harrods window display, the flowers matched the table cloths with also matched the brides maids. Yes every thing was perfect candles were scattered all over the ballroom whilst every were you looked there was red, white and lilac roses in small to large arrangements that stood proudly upon every table and along the gilded walls. The tables were so well arranged that the room looked effortlessly at ease. The stage was set up for the band Ellie Goulding if you were wondering, whilst fairy lights hung lazily from the frescoes on the celling.

    At 8pm the dress and jewelery was delivered, the champagne started flowing, I said that I was not going to drink and end up the was that auntie Margaret on her wedding day half cut and having to be fished out of the gutter. I put my drink down straight away after that flash back. But as my family started to arrive everyone bar Margaret, the drink started to flow.

    9pm I don’t know whether it was the amount of champagne or that I could feel imitate doom coming in the nicest possible way. That not only was my hands shaking but my legs refused to get up yet alone walk. So I decided if you cant beat them join them.

    1am the wedding day god knows how many drinks I have had you know that you have drunk to much when you start making your own cocktails. I don’t know what came over me and why but thinking that champagne and brandy went together was bad enough but drinking my body weight

    in it is really really bad.

    12am just half an hour before I am to walk up the aisle and I have not slept a wink I have downed enough espressos to float a ship and I feel GREAT.

    9pm I just got through the longest ceremony in my life I don’t think that the priest thought to kindly of me trying to hurry him up in quite odious gestures. Anyway I got through it. At the reception as everyone walked into the ballroom they commented on what a good job I had done, and all I wanted to was go to bed, but I couldn’t and had to sit there with the mother of all hangovers, while people commented on how nice I looked.

    12am the free bar has gone down great and everyone is quite merry all those hours spent meticulously planing this wedding have officially gone down the pan. My beloved mother- in-laws hat has started to be passed around in order for requests to be made for what song she should sing .

    2am everyone is pretty much wrecked the guests who can still stand have pushed all the tables to one side and have started to do a conga line whilst my mother-in-law is still belting out songs out of key. Well all I can say is that none will be forgetting this day for a long time.

    By ROH

  6. evelinasec says:

    NIce work team.
    For your next stories make sure you pay attention to capital letters and punctuation, particularly, use of commas, full-stops and speech marks.

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