Royal Wedding Quiz

Posted: April 26, 2011 by INC in general, Quizzes and Puzzles

The newspapers, radio and television are full of stories about the royal wedding this Friday.

Have you been paying attention?

Put your answers to our quiz in a comments box.

1. Who is Prince William of Wales marrying on Friday 29th April 2011?

2. Where did the couple meet?

3. What subjects did they study at university?

4. Where is the wedding talking place?

5.  Who is William’s paternal grandmother?

6. What branch of the armed forces is William a part of?

7. Where did he receive his secondary education?

8. Where is the couple going to live?

9. When was William born?

10. When and where were William’s parents marry?

  1. BGB says:

    1.Kate Middleton
    2. St Andrews University in Scotland
    3.Kate and William studied History of Art, William then changed to Geography
    4.West Minister Abbey
    5.Queen Elizabeth II
    6.The Raf
    7.Eton College near Windsor
    8.North Wales
    9. 21st June 1982
    10. July 29th 1981

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  3. Hollie Blu says:

    1. Kate Middleton.
    2. University Of Saint Andrews.
    3. Art History – then changed to Geography.
    4. Westminister Abbey.
    5. The Queen
    7. Eton college.
    8. Isle of Anglesey.
    9. 21 June 1982.
    10. St Pauls Cathedral on the 29th July 1981.

  4. Hollie Blu says:

    6. Search and Rescue Pilot with the Royal Air Force

  5. ROH says:

    1) Kate Middleton
    2) St Andrews University
    3) Art History and then he changed to Geography
    4) Westminster Abbey
    5) Hm Queen Elizabeth
    6) He is a search and rescue pilot with the royal air force
    7) Eaton Collage
    8) Isle of Anglesey
    9) 21st June 1982
    10) 29th July 1981

  6. i_will_win says:

    My answers..
    1.Kate Middleton
    3.William studied Geography and Kate studied history of art
    4.westminster abbey
    5.the Queen
    7.Ludsgrove school
    8.North whales
    9. 21 June 1982 in St Mary’s hospital Paddington, London
    10.St Paul’s Cathedral


  7. evelinasec says:

    Well done so far everyone. I’ll moderate your comments tomorrow afternoon so you can see each others’ answers.

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