Shooting at Stockwell

Posted: April 4, 2011 by ROH in news, Pupil, ROH, Schoolwork
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A third person was arrested over the shooting of a five year old girl in a shop in south London. Thusha Kamaleswaran still remains seriously ill after being shot in a shop in Stockwell by a fellow parser by on Tuesday 29th March. An 18 year-old man was arrested on Sunday night. A 14 year-old has also been questioned. Anthony Mc Calla, 19, from South London, appeared in court charged with attempting to murder Thusha and Roshon Selvakumar. Police said the 18 year-old was also being held over the shooting of Mr Selvakumar. Thusha was hit in the chest and Mr Selvakumar suffered a head wound when a gunman fired into Stockwell food and wine shop on Stockwell road. Police said the intended targets were two youths who had taken shelter in the store after being chanced by three other youths on bicycles. Both victims are in a serious but stable condition. Crimestoppers has offered a £50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the people behind the shootings. By ROH

  1. Evelinasec says:

    Good post roh. Tight writing. Well done. Just check your spellings: especially in the title. I think it was more serious than shouting!

  2. Aleunam says:

    Yes, what a sad and shocking story. But it is not enough for us to just be shaking our heads at the ‘lost youth’ going wild like this. With more and more youth projects being closed down in inner city areas, will this sort of thing be on the increase in future?

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