Toxic air risk to passengers

Posted: March 28, 2011 by hbl010 in news, Pupil
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A lady named Dr Susan  Michaelis  who flew for a regional division of Qantas in Australia believes   that she had become ill because of a exposure to toxic fume .

“it was one of the biggest issues that the aviation industry had faced in a long time, ots about the air people breathe in air crafts and weather its safe or not said the PHD on the subject .

Air line pilots association (Balpa) said some pilots believes it is a widespread problems but the bulk of pilots don’t believe that ! but one incident would be too many “ he added

Also since 2006 there have been seven incidents involving toxic fumes reported to the civil aviation authority and one to BALPA theses are were it is proved that a toxic substance had leaked some were on an air craft there were  270 engine oil .also were oil leaked and fumes had entered the cabin.      

By SK.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Interesting stuff HBL. I have fallen ill a couple of times after flying, but I believe that was due to picking up bugs in the recycled air – about the only drawback of the non-smoking rule on planes.

    It reads as though you wrote it quickly.

    Have a look at it again, and make some changes so that it is clearer, and correct your typos. 🙂

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