Japan in Ruins

Posted: March 23, 2011 by dukefrederick in Countries, FB, news, photography, Pupil
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There was a huge earthquake which caused a tsunami leaving huge areas of land in ruins and killing thousands of people. As a result of this uncontrollable natural disaster this will have a negative effect on the shipment and export of products. There are so many products and equipment that we use in our daily lives that come from Japan. This means that it is going to affect the whole world, especially the people in Japan as they are faced with huge job losses and lack of money.

Despite the government pumping emergency funds into the market, Japans stock markets are still plunging since the free fall on Tuesday. Along with the radiation fears as a result of Friday’s tsunami, stock markets have fallen more than 10%. There are several companies affected, for example: the Tokyo electric power company fell 42%, the Uniqlo brand fell 17.5%. Other well known companies affected include Burberry, Gucci and Aviva. This will affect people around the world who have invested in Japanese companies, especially the Japanese power and nuclear companies that are affected the most.

A lot of countries in the world are trying to help Japan’s economy, but it will take a lot of time to recover the huge losses for the Japanese people and the whole country. Kathy Fear, an insurance analyst said, “It is too early to estimate the total industry loss or the individual company losses.” Japan provides us with most of our electronics and transport. Together we need to help our friends during this terrible time.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Good work FB.
    I think the pictures really underline the point you are making. Well done.

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