The Deadline – Flash Fiction

Posted: March 18, 2011 by celiaayli in Flash fiction
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Szuke was not allowed to drink coffee in the morning, so she drank it at night.

She had a book to complete.  Her publisher was hounding her to meet her deadline amongst book signings, television and radio interviews and her part time job walking dogs.

How was she to know that the red faced flounderer was making a comeback, if her agent decided to travel over to the Maldives just when she needed her most.  It wasn’t front page news! but the publishers were under extreme pressure.  This was huge competition.

… As Penelope fluttered her wings the light was transparent as this beautiful girl flew amongst the flowers.  Her life as a fairy had began.  There was no turning back, her wish was granted as she joined the other fairies as the followed the butterflies towards the rainbow. The End.

Szuke stretched as she sealed the envelope.  Time to go.

  1. Aleunam says:

    I loved this, Caren!
    Thanks for writing on the secondary blog.

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