Friday Flash Fiction Challenge 18th March 2011 Red Nose Day

Posted: March 16, 2011 by INC in general

Flash fiction is short story writing.

Sometimes it’s called called microfiction or sudden fiction.

Usually the stories are between one hundred and two thousand words. But you might write a shorter story that packs a punch.

For  Flash Fiction Friday on Evelinasec, the upper word limit is one thousand words.

There is no lower word limit.

But, your story this week must include the words rainbow, red and coffee.

Post your stories in the comments box on this post.

Sharpen up your imaginations and get writing!

  1. evelinasec says:

    Anyone who reads this blog is free to enter. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of staff, a parent; a past or present pupil; or someone who has never set foot inside the Evelina Hospital School. We want to read your stories. 🙂

  2. ID says:

    Work had felt like a prison all week; early starts and long, long days with journeys home on crowded buses forced to listen to other people’s ‘phone conversations.

    Val knew there were signs of spring everywhere, but so far there had always been a pane of glass between her and any green shoots.

    Until today.

    Now, here she was, waiting for a train that would transport her beyond the M25; to a magical place of lambs and flowers and new leaves. Her boots were shiny and her sandwiches were in her backpack, togetrher with some nutrition bars and a couple of bottles of water.

    She sipped her coffee. There were a couple of others dressed as she was; boots, thick socks and androgynous jackets. Sensible wear for country walkers. They excahnged quiet smiles like members of a secrfet society.

    “My tribe,” she thought.

    The train pulled in and she settled herself in a seat by the window. She had bought a newspaper, and now she turned to the back page and the cryptic crossword. One across, ‘revolutionary embraces article, five letters’. Easy. Revolutionary; red. Article; a. The answer re-a-ds. she settled to solve the rest and the train sped away from the backs of town houses towards the countryside.

    The morning’s blue skies had turned grey by the time she reached her destination. A few drops of rain fell. Val pulled a wry face and rummaged in her bag for her waterproofs.

    She creossed the road and followed the footpath signs into a small wood. The rain pattered on the new leaves babove her head. Otherwise, it was silent. A startled rabbit hopped away from her.

    Val felt her shoulders rerlax; her breathing change. Her thoughts drifted and her body settled into a steady rhythm; legs moving comfortably over the damp leaves.

    According to the map, the next stage was across open fields. She would be exposed to the rain.

    But luck was on her side. As she reached the edge of the wood and stepped onto the stile into the neighbouring field, the sun came out again. The grey coluds were fleeing; chased by the brisk wind.

    That’s when she saw it; a huge rainbow arching across the horizon.

    Her heart lifted; it was going to be a wonderful day.

  3. FB says:

    As I got my morning coffee ready, I took a chair from the kitchen and walked out the back door. Just as I do every morning I placed my chair in the middle of my father’s field. I was sitting there drinking my wake up coffee but I was day dreaming, as I always do, when I am staring towards the clouds.

    I was dreaming about me on the red carpet with the stunning expensive dress with the diamonds on it that I saw the other day in the city. I was an actress at the Oscars and everyone was taking pictures of me as I stepped out of the car and walked on the red carpet towards the building it was being held in. Of course I knew it was only a dream, I knew it couldn’t be true. When I was half way across the red carpet, I tumbled on my high heels and smashed right into the floor; it hurt and I felt it.

    Suddenly I woke up from my dream and I was still sitting on my chair looking at the clouds. I looked around but there was nobody near me, I was still on my own in the middle of the field. Then my eyes caught something …. It looked like a star, but it was red and it was on land. I decided I should take a closer look at it. I was really scared; it wasn’t a good start to my day. I got closer and closer; my heart beat got faster and louder, almost as if I could feel my ears were going to burst from the noise of my heartbeat.

    As I got closer I saw it wasn’t a red star, it was a red door and I reached my hand out to open it. I opened the door, took one step in and then I fell! I was on a free-fall from the clouds, I was going to land straight on the ground. I shut my eyes and I was screaming but when I opened my eyes I was flying. Actually, I was sliding around a rainbow and just like every other dream I woke up during the best part.

  4. ROH says:

    I walked to my car with the rain belting on my head, and the smell of damp grass that had been cut a week ago. There was a body of fog that had laid itself lazily across the streets. I put my key into the door and psyched myself up for the cold morning ahead. Sitting in the red leather driving seat with the worn out arms, I put my key into the ignition and set off, I was only just out of my quiet neighbourhood when I was met with the usual herd off traffic; horns cutting through the listless morning air. I said to myself, it’s going to be a long one; and geared myself up for what looks like a long day ahead. I put the radio on and went straight to BBC Radio 5, as always, and listened to the topic of the day. Today was about foxes should be given sheltered accommodation from their local council. With all that is going on in the world housing foxes doesn’t seem like an important priority to me. When I finally got to work I was about twenty minutes late, and I was in no mood to be questioned about it. I suppose that is the good thing about being an editor, no one asks you where you were. They’re either to. Frightened or to self involved.
    The day seemed to go like any other. I sat in my lonely office and typed my anger away.
    The clock on the wall seemed to slow right down. I was so sure that it had broken, that I had it off the wall at least five times. It wasn’t of course, and I just looked like a bigger fool trying to balance on the corner of a swivel chair whilst chaotically grasping for the clock on the wall. Suffice to say, I fell off, but I did it in the most classy way that I could. Well, the classiest way you can fall off a office swivel chair.
    Anyway, lunch time came and just like a rat I shot out of the hell that I call my office I went down stairs to my heaven Sainsbury’s where, still running mind you I downed four black coffees in the café followed by a whole cheese cake I like to call it the healthy option for lunch you don’t what to see my unhealthy option.
    Lunch was over sooner than it came, and I was forced to go back into the office. I would love to say that I am a hard worker and that the company would not run without me, but that would be a little white lie. So I sat down and worked my fingers to the bone, and looked again at the clock, thinking that it was taunting me it seems to go backwards anyway. Eventually, the big hand reached the twelve and the small hand was on the five. So I slipped away before I got caught in one of those hideous editor’s meetings. I got into my car and drove, drove, drove. I don’t know why, but when I am board I like to think of myself as a somewhat Jenson Button figure driving around the F1 track.
    I got home in what seemed to be the same mood that I went out in and just as I was about to give up hope entirely and order in dinner, cancel the gym and plank myself in front of another mindless reality show,( in my opinion they should have left Gillian McKeith in that jungle). I started to dial the number, I looked out of the window to see a rainbow right in front of me suddenly, I had a smile on my face I put the phone down, got my gym kit out of the wardrobe and set out of my house, walking this time.
    By ROH

  5. hbl010 says:

    I can’t remember the last time I saw one but when I did it felt like a ray of sunshine sent from heaven.
    It had to be the worst day of the week. It was just a complete day of bad luck. I came out of my house earlier on in the day, ready for a beautiful day at school with my friends, filled with gossip and two-facedness, the usual thing that happens when your school. As soon as I got to the end of my road it started raining. I was always one to be fooled by what they say on TV but because London weather was so unpredictable you couldn’t tell whether it would rain or snow. So I always believed the TV. They said it would be hot and sunny today. Big mistake that was!
    I ran to my most favourite breakfast place in the whole world ‘Starbucks’. I was happy to be somewhere warm and safe. I walked towards the counter and ordered a large coffee. I sat at a table by myself, by the window. My clothes slowly dried on my skin and began to stick. As I slowly drank my coffee my mind flickered through events of the past weekend, of how I had lost a friend so dear to me in a terrible car crash and how I should’ve been with her but I wasn’t.
    My thoughts were interrupted by a sharp rap on the window. I turned my head abruptly towards the awful noise on the window and saw my best friend in the whole world, Millie. Millie was standing at the window wearing her school uniform, a white shirt with a navy blue skirt and sweater holding her red umbrella above her head and smiling at me.
    She walked into Starbucks and stood infront of me, she could see that I was upset and wasn’t having a good day. She looked worried. “Nothing I just miss Leah” I said. “Oh I know you do honey, I do to.” She hugged me and we stood there hugging each other for 10 minutes. The sun began to shine in my face but it was still raining. I released Millie from my grip and ran outside. I began to spin and I was happy. I was letting the rain wash away all my fears and sadness, whilst the sun shot rays of happiness into my heart. I looked up towards the sky and saw the most wonderful rainbow. It was a flash of colour that I knew was sent from Leah letting me know everything was fine.

    By MGB

  6. Rukzzie says:

    there lived a grumpy ugly women who loved to nag people, she was disliked by many and had a bad attitude. She iscolated and abused sick children and love to make eveyone unhappy. People of the town wanted to sort her out get rid of the old bag… they planned to do so. She drank a cup of cofee one day whilst day dreaming about rainbows in her front lawn she was shot in the head and there was bluberry juice everywhere!!! she wasnt made of blood THE END.

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