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Posted: February 17, 2011 by INC in fun, general, Pupil, radio
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Well, it’s finally arrived; our first podcast from Radio ECHO – Evelina Hospital Online. Woohoo!!!!!

We have lots of people to thank – Amy and Becky from BBC 21CC who have been great fun and fitted in with the secondary team straight away; all the pupils who have contributed their ideas and work; Bernie for all his technical knowhow and enthusiasm; Ryan and Hollie our anchor people; Blaise, the One Take Wonder; Jess and Evie for their wonderful picture of a donkey and the ECHO logo; Liam for his acting and for being a good sport; Ewan and Fetih for sound effects and jingles; Lucy for the donkey joke that got us all started; Catherine for liaising with BBC21CC; Isobel our classroom teacher who had the crazy idea we should make a radio show in the first place, and everyone else who knows us! Please listen to the programme and give us your feedback – what did you like, what would you like more of, would you listen again?

  1. evelinasec says:

    Well done everyone!
    You have done a fantastic job.
    Any ideas for the next programme yet? 🙂

  2. amy says:

    i am SO impressed with everyone’s hard work getting this podcast done. All the ideas came from you, you really did work together as a professional production team, well done all of you! I am so proud!
    Amy xx 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    I love this! What a good idea put into action.
    Thanks for doing such an interesting podcast.
    I look forward to hearing more.

    • evelinasec says:

      Thanks Sue!
      If you have time, could you tell us which bits you liked best and what you liked about them please. 🙂

      • Vicky says:

        Wow!!! how exciting for the Evelina sec classroom. I loved the animal feature, Jack Russells get in everywhere. ECHO great name, I certainly will be listening in again. Well done to you all.

  4. lafni says:

    i enjoyed the jokes at the beginning especially the Waiting room part., the jokes and the pace was what enjoyed me the most. it was like a story it had a flow to it. i also liked the fact that there was team work put in to the programe.

  5. ROH says:

    I can’t stop listening to our radio episode. One thing that I was thinking about was could we split the show up so on a Monday we could record a news feature and made on a Thursday we could record a radio play and mabe some interviews ect and then mabe every fourt night to month we could make a best of show were we would put all different lives into a half an hour radio episode. Just something to think about

  6. Tom says:

    Well done Radio Echo! Brilliant podcast and very interesting atmospheres in the background.

    Keep up the phone-in …

  7. jc says:

    it looks like u all had a load off fun lol x

    • evelinasec says:

      We did JC! I hope you enjoyed listening too. We really appreciate your feedback. If you have any ideas for items to include in future programmes, do let us know.
      Have a look at our Flash Fiction challenge and send something to us if you can.

  8. Aleunam says:

    Finally I have had the chance to listen to Radio Echo! A most enjoyable first radio programme. I look forward to you all applying the skills you learnt from our BBC experts on another podcast sometimes soon.

    Have you thought of asking Radio Lollipop if they would air your podcast on their radio network?

    • evelinasec says:

      I think it’s important to recognise that the secondary classroom pupils did a huge amount of work prior to Becky and Amy from the BBC joining us. They had listened to other schools’ broadcasts and made constructively critical comments about them. They had also listened to parts of magazine style programmes on national radio stations, compared print and broadcast journalism, and understood how a magazine programme content could be put together.
      This meant that we were able to enjoy the technical, production and editing expertise Becky and Amy brought and work together as a team.
      BM and I have visited Radio Lollipop at GOSH and we are looking into ways of creating more links to alert a wider audience to both our podcasts and our written material.

      • Aleunam says:

        Dear Secondary Class,
        I am very impressed by the long list of experiences that your Editor has reported. The quality of the Radio Echo Live! and the range of ”programmes within programmes’ made this evident.

        Thank you to teachers and assistants, and, of course also, BBC Team, for all the hard work in putting this together. As I said – I look forward to a second summer broadcast 🙂

  9. Aleunam says:

    Hi RoH – I really like your idea. Would be lovely to have monthly podcast from Radio ECHO.

    Let me know how you progress with being aired on Radio Lollipop! Radio Lollipop also exists in other children’s hospitals in the UK (definitely) and abroad (I think) – What fun it would be if your podcast was broadcast to children in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospitals!

  10. evelinasec says:

    Snaps all round, team!

  11. Genene says:

    I have just listened to your radio show and I am sooooooo impressed! It is absolutely brilliant and gave me lots of laughs! I loved the ‘phone in’ segment and the interviews were all great as you were able to ask questions and also to adapt your questions according to the flow of the conversation. The transitions between segments were also really good, you all obviously put a great deal of hard work and preparation into it! I hope I will be around for the next one! Well done Radio Echo! 🙂

  12. Cynthia Davies says:

    I’ve been listening to this at work and my colleagues were wondering what was making me smile. I really enjoyed this, and the phone-in was very funny. Well done everyone, I look forward to your next broadcast.

    Cynthia (parent governor)

    • evelinasec says:

      Thanks Cynthia. We’re working on the next one.
      Spread the word with your colleagues. I like the idea that our programme is circulating around corridors of power!

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