Coram’s Fields

Posted: February 8, 2011 by hbl010 in HBL, news, Pupil
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Coram’s Fields first opened in 1936 after the Foundling hospital was shut down and moved out of London.  Thomas Coram opened in the Foundling hospital for children who were unwanted or abandoned in 1739.

In 1920 when the hospital was relocated outside London, the land space was bought by a developer who demolished the hospital building and only kept the single storey building. After a lot of campaigning and fundraising by the local people, the land space was turned into London’s first children’s public playground.

Today Coram’s Fields is an adventure playground for children. It still holds some of its history as it has the Foundling museum inside the park. It also has a paddling pool, adventure play area and a animal area which includes goats, sheep’s pigs and rabbits.

Coram’s Fields official name is Coram’s Fields and the Harmsworth memorial playground.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Nice and clear hbl, though maybe you could have choisen a more attention-grabbing opening.
    If this staement is correct, ‘land space was turned into London’s first children’s public playground’, the information would make a good start. Is iot the first children’s public playground, or the first one where adults are not allowed unless accompanied by a child?

  2. jc says:

    i used to do my sports day there an it is a hole load of fun down at corms filed

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