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Posted: February 3, 2011 by ROH in fun, general, ICT and eSafety at Evelina, news, Pupil, radio, ROH, Schoolwork
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We’re all Alan Partridge now. Amy and Becky from BBC 21CC joined us for a fabulous session in the secondary classroom this morning. BBC equipment spieled out on the table. There we were with our mikes and headphones. We were walking the walk and talking the talk; very Fearne Cotton who Amy produces (just a little name drop).

In the classroom we have been talking about radio and have been looking in depth of what it is really like to make a radio programme. We have been looking at all different sources, from the BBC archive, to smaller scale shows made by other schools, like the ones that we looked at like Radiowaves and Schools Radio. Although we liked some of the things that were being put up, not all of the things were quite what we wanted.

The lack of editing and the lack of scripting were quite a big issue. With most of the school podcasts that we heard the lack of fluidity made it hard to understand what the main points  were. But there were some things that we liked; the use of music and the structure of some of the shows were very good with entertaining presenters.

When Amy and Becky came in we had already been thinking of what we wanted in our radio show; what our target was, we wanted a show aimed at teenagers and also their parents. Amy and Becky were very supportive of what we wanted to do and they showed us how we could go about, it not just now, but in the future.

We had a go at recording a segment from the show and planning what we were going to say. Although we didn’t always say it word for word as we had practised, Amy and Becky said that we were a one take wonder ,and that we had done more than they had expected us to do.

We are all now looking forward to next week when they come back and we are all very busy getting other pieces ready to be recorded. We all hope that you are all looking forward to the finished product as we are. So all I can say is knowing me knowing you, aha.

  1. amy says:

    it was a pleasure working with you guys today. you really were a one take wonder! i was SO impressed with the piece we recorded. i can’t wait to hear the final piece and play it to my radio colleagues, i know they’ll be as impressed as me.
    Look forward to more radio fun next week!
    Amy 🙂

  2. young jack says:

    I think the two Chris’ (the ginger one and the fat one) will have to watch their backs as there is a new presenter in town with a tongue sharper than lemon’s on pancake day and a humour as witty as cheese man Alan Partridge himself!!
    Well done to everyone involved yesterday, the phone-in quiz/joke was very funny and i would listen to this more often!

  3. Ruby says:

    i liked reading this blog becuase it was very in depth it was very interesting to know that you was going to make radio show, in the future.

  4. mandem dude says:

    I thought it was intersting because the BBC 21CC producers came Amy and becky came and showed us how to present BBC21

  5. Aleunam says:

    How exciting! Have to rush off to court … will check out more of the evelinasec blog this evening!

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