Joanna Yeates murderer found

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Police have been looking for the murderer of Joanna Yeates. Miss Yeates  was reported missing on Friday the 17th December 2010, the last time she had been seen alive was when she went after  for Christmas drinks with work colleagues. She was reported missing by Mr Greg Reardon who was Miss Yeates long term boyfriend,  after a weekend away.

Joanna Yeates was found on Christmas day in Longford lane in Failand, North Somerset just eight days after her disappearance.

Vincent Tabak, who is now accused of killing Miss Yeates, appeared in court on Monday 24th January and has been remanded in custody after being changed with Miss Yeates murder. Mr Tabak whose flat was next door to Miss Yeates at 44 Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol was arrested on Thursday 21st January. He appeared on Monday to a packed hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court after being remanded on Saturday 22nd January.

Mr Tabak has been remanded in custody and will appear next week at Bristol Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on the murder charge. Mr Tabak remains the second person questioned with the murder of Miss Yeates, the first being her landlord Mr Criss Jefferies. He was arrested on the 30th December and was held for three days he still remains on police bail.


  1. cho says:

    i think this is a really sad story. why do people have to kill people !

  2. evelinasec says:

    roh, good to see you got this posted.
    Print it out and go through it, checking for sentence length, clarity, punctuation and spelling.
    It may help to read it aloud to see where the natural breaks come.

  3. ROH says:

    I have edited the post so that it sounds a lot better

    • evelinasec says:

      I’ve highlighted some parts in orange I think you should look at again. I’ll go over it with you if you like. Or, if you don’t mind, it’d be something we could do as a group on Monday.

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