15 year old teenager killed in stabbing.

Posted: January 24, 2011 by hbl010 in general, HBL, news, Pupil
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A 15 year old school boy has been stabbed to death in Tottenham.  Kasey Gordon was killed as he left his school on Thursday 20th January 2011. 

Kasey was at a row of shops were a fight broke out between a girl and a Turkish man. The Turkish man who is mentally ill was described as harmless.  Onlookers have said that the young teenagers surrounded the man and started hitting and kicking the man repeatedly. Kasey stepped in to save his friend from getting hurt when the man pulled out a screwdriver and stabbed him and two of his friends. The victim was stabbed repeatedly, until Kasey staggered away and collapsed on the floor. The paramedics tried to save him but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

His two other friends aged 14 and 16 were taken to hospital but their injuries were not critical.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Another post in your usual concise style hbl.

    Please read it through and check for spelling and punctuation. I think you have also missed a word out near the end.
    Instead of using ‘he’ or ‘Kasey’ what else could you call the victim of this stabbing? Read newspaper articles to see how it is done there.

    We have had a few posts on stabbings. Might you consider writing a longer news feature on knife crime?

  2. CA says:

    I think the story is really sad.

  3. holliebain says:

    You have included what the onlookers have said, could you turn this into direct speech and use speech marks?

    Do you know the outcome of this crime? Was anyone convicted for the murder?

    Otherwise an informative piece well done.

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