Smoking damages body within minutes.

Posted: January 17, 2011 by hbl010 in general, HBL, news, Pupil, Schoolwork
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Smoking causes nine in ten cases of lung cancer. Lung cancer kills over 33,000 people in the UK each year. If we don’t do something now, the smokers in the UK could be seriously harming themselves and others around them.

Researchers have said that it only takes 15-30 minutes to cause damage to your body instead of 30 years. 

Cigarettes contain a highly addictive chemical called tobacco. Tobacco smoke contains at least 80 different cancer causing substances. When you inhale smoke, these chemicals enter your body and spread around your lungs and the rest of your body.

Research in the past 50 years has shown that smoking does cause cancer. Lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers and is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK.

Smoking also increases the risk of other cancers including: mouth, Larynx (voice box), pharynx (upper throat), nose and sinuses, oesophagus, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney, bladder, cervix and bowl. It also has been known to cause breast cancer and one type of ovarian cancer.

People cutting down can still be in danger because without realising it people smoke their remaining cigarettes more intensively and can end up getting just as much exposure to tar and other harmful smoke components. We need to encourage people to quit altogether rather than just cut down.

A quarter of smokers die in middle age between 35 and 69.

A study in Denmark found women who smoke just three cigarettes each day double their chances of having a heart attack and dying early. Men run the similar risk if they smoke six cigarettes or a cigar each day.

Its never too late to stop smoking.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Hardhitting stuff HBL. Clear, concise and no punches pulled.

    How about making a poster of this too, or could it be a possible podcast? Maybe with an interview with an oncologist?

  2. ROH says:

    It is a very clear pice of wrighting and it looks as if it was wrighten by a Professional.

  3. Vicky Edney says:

    A very well written and hard hitting piece of work. I am an ex smoker and am very glad that I quit. I have not smoked for over 10years now, wish I had done it sooner. I would advise all young people not to start smoking worse thing ever.

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