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Posted: January 13, 2011 by INC in ICT and eSafety at Evelina, radio
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The nice people at Radiowaves have recommended these two stations for us to listen to and take inspiration from. This is what they said,

“Catmose college and Inverkeithing High School are both fantastic Radiowaves secondaries so do take a look around their stations.”

I just listened to An interview with KitKat99 on Catmose College’s station. I liked  the slick music and presentation, but I thought the content was a bit weak. I think we have already done better recordings than this! Sorry Catmose.  I’m going to listen to another one now.
Do your bit, listen and leave a note in the comments box, saying which station you’ve listened to, the name of the piece and what you liked/disliked about it, plus any other constructive comments for our
radio station.
  1. evelinasec says:

    I listened next to IHS Christmas Assemblies Audio Recording
    While I liked the way it took me into the feeling of the assembly, it seemed like a fairly straightforward recording and I felt it could have done with an introduction from a reporter to put it into context. Maybe also some interviews with pupils about the assembly – what part they had played in it, what they enjoyed and so on. I also felt it could have done with some editing. B can you show us how to fade in and out please, or shall I find that on effects in Audacity?

    Next I watched and listened to this, Star Reporter on Catmose College’s page. It was a lot better, more structured, but again, it’d have been nice to have had something to introduce it.

    What I’m getting frustrated with with Radiowaves, is that it seems to be a series of individual recordings, but so far I haven’t found anything that is a radio programme in the way that we want to do things.

  2. evelinasec says:

    I found a site that looks more promising It seems much easier to navigate and the broadcast I’ve listened to is much more professional.
    See what you think.

  3. Turkoglu says:

    i have listened to IHS christmas assemblies, what got my attention straght away was the piano and the choir singing, but the sound quility was not good i couldnt hear the choir sing, i did get the name of the song from discription, “Stepping out with Santa”. It would be more interesting if there was interviews with the students or the parents about the assembly.

  4. ROH says:

    after watching the video on Catmose colege and watching a video “The Lion king” it was clear to see that the interviewer had thought about his qwestions and what he was going to say. But it did lack an intro, music and it was in need of some edigting.
    I have had a look at a radio station called schools radio and i listend to a pod cast called 1 music radio. It’s lay out was exelent it started with a into into the station and that was followed by a introduction to the program. it was a very clearly laid out program and and was well thought about.

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