Sacked Dinner Lady

Posted: January 11, 2011 by INC in news, Pupil
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Mrs Carol Hill, 61 years old from Essex, was unfairly sacked after telling the parents of the seven year old girl that their daughter was being bullied. The seven year old girl was playing prisoners and guards with her friends when the game went too far. The young girl was tied to a fence with one skipping rope while being whipped with another one.

The head mistress of the school, Mrs Deborah Crabb denies that the girl was being bullied, but she does admit that the seven year old girl was found tied up to a fence.

Mrs Hill said that she was not given a correct notice period and her rights of freedom of expression under European law were infringed. The tribunal said a two-day remedy hearing would start on 2nd February to decide whether Mrs Hill should get her job back or receive compensation.

Mrs Hill said that she was very delighted and relieved that the tribunal found that she was unfairly dismissed. The tribunal heard she had sent a letter to the girl’s parents, saying: “You may wish to know (the girl) had a minor accident today. She was hurt on the right leg and right wrist with a skipping rope.”

After speaking to the media about the case, Mrs Hill was sacked on September 2009.

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