Visit to Westminister Abbey

Posted: December 6, 2010 by rosalindayli in festivals and remembrance, general, Pupil
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While I was in hospital I attended the Evelina Hospital School, one of the fun things about this school was the fact that we got to go on a school trip.

While I was there we went to Westminster Abbey, it was the 11th November when we went, and we were able to take part in Remembrance Day celebrations. There was two minute silence followed by a trumpets salute.

 Westminster Abbey is a large and very old church. It is formally known by The Collegiate Church of St Peter but it is more commonly known as just Westminster Abbey. The abbey was founded in 960 .AC. Westminster Abbey has always had a strong connection with the royal family, king Edgar supported the church right from the very beginning and it has been a part of the royal family ever since then. King Edward was one of many great monarchs to be buried there and then a year later, King William the Conqueror was crowned there. Our own Queen Elizabeth was crowned there – this was the first televised coronation. Over the years Westminster Abbey has undergone various renovations for example the addition of the identical towers on the top, but it still remains a beautiful place of worship.

When we arrived it was really busy, a lot of people had come to pay there respects to the fallen. As we passed through, we walked along passed the rows of commemoratory crosses, there was a different one for each of the groups of people who had lost someone in a war, the navy, army, air force, there was also a cross for the boy scouts. This interested me as I am in the scouts. There were St David’s stars as well as other symbols. Each section had a representative to stand by there cross. After a while we all stood to one side and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived, a speech was read out by the head of the women’s institute which ended just in time for the sound of Big Ben to ring out, as a signal for the two minutes silence. After that I was asked to place the cross down by the War Widows Association, as it was there tradition to have a child put down their cross. I thought it was a wonderful day, I was really moved by how many people were in attendance to remember the fallen in battle. 

L.F. edited by HBL

  1. evelinasec says:

    Well done lf and hbl.
    You structured this very well lf.
    I hope your home school teachers see this work.

  2. HBL says:

    This is a great piece of work. There was a couple of little bits I needed to edit but overall it was very good 🙂

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