Be Inspired

Posted: December 5, 2010 by INC in fun, photography

Seeing someone doing something to the best of their ability is always great and inspirational.

Like Danny MacAskill. A wonder on two wheels.


  1. POH says:

    Out standing 🙂

    • evelinasec says:

      It’d be good to find some others too. I was wondering if we might get a video of some secondary pupils playing boccia which is going to be included in the para-Olympics in 2012. I know quite a few of the pupils who come to us play in their home schools.
      Also, following on from our conversation with Denise yesterday about blind cricketers and the magazine Bernie has with a feature about blind footballers, maybe we could have a bit of search and see what we can find. The RNIB website might have links.

  2. roo says:

    Better than tony hawk. 🙂

  3. AJWembley says:

    how is he still alive?

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