AJ to the Rescue

Posted: December 2, 2010 by celiaayli in Pupil, Schoolwork
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listen here: AJ to the rescue

Brooke Falcon, aged twelve, took an unfortunate fall late this morning by the water well while on her way to Sevenoaks Town Hall.

When we interviewed Miss Falcon, she quoted, “I felt frightened and cold. I didn’t think I would survive.”

Fourteen year old Alistair Jordans happened to be the hero in this rescue. He was on his way to the Town Hall as well to be in a Christmas play but noticed a voice shouting from below.

He had a few props that he used in the heroic rescue; a rusty metal pole and a notched rope. He stuck the pole in the thick snow and tied the rope to the pole. He then carefully levered himself down the hole to help her out. By which time the Ambulance and the Police, his dad and her parents were crowding around the hole. Alistair (AJ) pulled her out in half an hour after her being stuck there for three hours.

Alistair reported, “It was worrying to see Brooke in such a position. Fortunately, she was in warm clothes although I reckon she now has pneumonia. Her ankle didn’t look quite right and there was a bump on her head.”

Terry, the Ambulance surgeon said, “I think she as pneumonia, broken ankle and possibly concussion. It does not look good. She is very tired and exhausted.”

At present, she is in hospital with a minimum of five days recovery plan.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Good work GT. You have a very clear style, and are grasping the way news stories are laid out. When you have the opportunity, do look at other news stories and see how they sum up the whole story in the first sentence.
    I am very impressed with the way you read your workfor the podcast. As Bernie said, you are a one-take wonder.
    Well done!

  2. Aleunam says:

    I really enjoyed reading your new article, GT. I am sorry I missed saying hello when you were in the secondary classroom writing this. The news article drew me in, and the dialogue was very realistic.

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