First Radio Post

Posted: November 26, 2010 by bmordan in general

Here is an initial trail version of a radio drama created on Thursday morning in the classroom. Who is the guilty party? What did they want with the money anyway…

The Residents Association 1

And a version with R as Brian

The Residents Association 2

  1. evelinasec says:

    Thanks for putting this up Bernie.
    Well done everyone.
    Is anyone here writing the next installment?

  2. Sue Davis says:

    I love evelinasec radio! The wonderful players, roles and accents make me want to keep checking in to see what’s next. Please bring MORE, MORE, MORE!

  3. bmordan says:

    We recorded a few versions with us all swapping parts. I just added another version.

  4. Aleunam says:

    Great fun … Maybe we need to see if we can book the ‘on-ward’ playroom area for future radio recordings – then we would have less background noise? Would that be a good idea?

  5. ROH says:

    It is a really good idea and changing the characters around really gave us a good under standing of the script and it also shows us other ways of saying the lines. I can’t wait to record the next chapter :). P.S the best bit of the second recording is all the hubbub that town hall must have been packed with people.

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