In my ghost box

Posted: November 1, 2010 by ROH in festivals and remembrance, fun, HBL, news, poetry, Pupil, Quizzes and Puzzles, ROH, Schoolwork

In my ghost box I shall put the chill of an empty room

The cries of the dying men echoing through the blooded battlefield

And the tormenting rattles in the widow’s mind

In my ghost box I shall put the screaming cries of nightmares

The deathly hallows of the mist veiled moors

And the cackling witch riding on her broomstick

In my ghost box I shall put the darkness of the battlefield cave

The tears of the drowning girl’s mother in the icy lake

And the thrashing of the chained children in the damp cellar

In my ghost I shall put the blood spraying from the shining sickle’s blade

The rotting corpse under the vulture’s talon

And the suffocating darkness of the closed coffin


  1. Bernard says:

    That is perfectly disturbing. Thank you Secondary class for blowing a cold chill down my imagination.

  2. ML (visiting teacher says:

    Oh my word, how very creepy!! Superb.

  3. evelinasec says:

    Not everyone who has read this poem has commented here, but we have had very positive feedback, with a number of people thinking this was a poem published in a book that we had posted!

    So congratulations everyone. Well done! 8)

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