Going Going Gone

Posted: October 13, 2010 by ROH in general

The Victorian Society has published a list of ten buildings in England and Wales which are in urgent need of saving.

The ten buildings which include a grade II listed chapel in Manchester, an ice factory in North East Lincolnshire, and the Wedgwood Institute in Stoke-On-Trent. The buildings have been listed because of years of neglect, intensive development and demolition. The list was compiled by The Victorian Society and by the people who live near the buildings.

One of the buildings in danger is the Wedgwood Institute. Until lately it was the home to Burslem’s public library. In 2006, the council pledged money to save the building but only tow years later the building was closed due to structural problems. The outside of the building is highly decorated. The façade pays humage to Works at the factory with terracotta panels depicting the different processes in the manufacture of pottery, and above the main entrance is a figure of Josiah Wedgwood. How is the founder of Wedgewood.

Dr Ian Dungavell director of The Victorian Society said, “Our heritage is a finite resource and once historic buildings like this are gone they cannot be replaced.” Also on the list is a boarded-up former orphanage in Liverpool which was designed by Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse it was built in 1870 Waterhouse is also famous for building the Natural History Museum in London.

Another building on the list is a former Unitarian chapel in Manchester. The roof was taken off by the local council for safety reasons But The Victorian Society wants to ensure the safety and the renovation of the chapel, which dates back to the late 1830s “Time is running out for the chapel, as the longer it lies empty and exposed to the elements the harder it will be to save,”  Dr Dungavell when intivued.


  1. MIL (visiting teacher) says:

    Very interesting. It would be such a shame to lose any of the buildings which you refered to. Some of them are beautiful!

  2. evelinasec says:

    ROH well done.
    Think about how quickly you were able to put this together using the research you and other pupils carried out. Not so long ago, this would have been a real challenge for you. You have made great strides. I’m looking forward to seeing how your writing develops.
    Have you any comments to make on your writing?

    I’m not sure what has happened to the photo of the Natural History Museum. Take a look. It needs some editing.

  3. celiaayli says:

    i think that it would be a shame if these buildings were taken down as they probably could have good memories, but if these buildings are taken down they won’t be replaced, hope they stay. thank you for bringing this subject up i think it’s really important that we know about this..


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