Evelina Hospital

Posted: October 5, 2010 by celiaayli in general, Pupil

About the Evelina Children Hospital


The Evelina Children Hospital is in Westminster Bridge Road in London. It is very modern building with a glass roof. It is very colourful and bright and all the people are friendly.

As you walk into main entrance of the hospital you passing some unusual, colorful statues. Those statues made me feel that the place is friendly for children.

In 2005 Evelina Children’s Hospital moved to a stunning new purpose at st Thomas’s. The architects of new Evelina Children Hospital were Michael Hopkins and Partners. Evelina Children Hospital contains:

  • 140 inpatient beds, including 20 intensive care beds
  • 3 operating theatres
  • a full children’s imaging service – includes MRI scanner, general x-ray and ultrasound
  • a kidney dialysis unit
  • an outpatients department
  • a medical day care unit
  • A school hospital.



  1. evelinasec says:

    Well done GJ, your first contribution to our classroom blog.
    Maybe you would like to add photographs of the hospital.
    You could take some yourself using one of our digital cameras.

  2. MIL (visiting teacher) says:

    Very interesting. I didn’t realise the children’s hospital involved so many different areas. The way you introduced it emphasised it’s warmth.

  3. Aleunam says:

    GJ – What a great contribution to the school blog. You’ve started with your first impressions of the hospital – perhaps you could learn how to add one or two photographs to your description of the Children’s Hospital – the statues outside are fun and colourful and the red lifts, palm trees and arched glass window panes in the atrium with the clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds could provide an eye-catching entrance to your article.

    Your next article might be called – Why have a school in a hospital? – What do you think of that idea?

  4. NOA says:

    i think your work was perfecto 🙂

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