Trip to Disneyland Paris with the black taxis.

Posted: September 30, 2010 by rosalindayli in general, HBL, poetry, Pupil
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It was a nightmare, 14 hours in the back of a black taxi.

At the weekend, I went to Disneyland Paris with the black taxis company called Hackney Carriage Drivers. The black taxi drivers take 200 sick children and their families to Disneyland Paris. A convoy of taxis which is up to three miles long when in motion includes 115 taxis, City of London Police escorts, Gendarmerie Nationale (French police), London Ambulance vehicles and AA breakdown trucks.

Because my little sister has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, me, my sister and my mum were given the opportunity to go with the black taxis. We left at 6am and went to Canary Wharf where the people from the Marriott hotel put on a lovely breakfast before the giant convoy leaves for Dover to catch a ferry. It was a long but exciting journey.

On the Saturday we went to the Disneyland Park. My little sister was very excited even though she doesn’t go on any rides. Everyone wanted to go the phantom manor but we knew my sister wouldn’t want to go on it as she didn’t like scary rides, so we tricked her onto it, letting her think she was going to the toilet. As we got to the front she realised that wasn’t the and therefore started screaming. As the ride started, she seemed to calm down. About three minutes into the ride, it came to a sudden stop. The ride manager came round to us and told us that there was a problem with the ride and we should wait patiently. As the man was talking, I got my sweets out and started eating them. The ride manager started shouting at me in French. Because I didn’t understand what he was saying I carried on eating them. The taxi driver then turned to me and told me that he was just shouting at me telling me to put away the sweets. The manager came back around about half an hour later and said that we shouldn’t be sitting there much longer.

An hour and ten minutes later, the ride members came round and told us that the ride had broke down and they couldn’t get it to work again so we would have to be evacuated from the ride. It was a painful hour and ten minutes sitting in a chair with not much room. I don’t think I’ll be going back on that ride in a hurry.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Much better!
    Well done.

  2. Aleunam says:

    What a horror! How did you keep yourself and your little sister calm?????

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