Posted: September 17, 2010 by orlandoayli in medical conditions

ECHO Stands For Evelina’s Children Heart Organisation

On the 23rd January 2010 I was asked up to Evelina hospital to star in a film about people with heart problems. Also in the film were a lot of my friends, including Robbie Georgel who I go to school with and I have been friends with him for many years and Jack de Naeyer who I have known ever since I was born.

We arrived around 9 am to start shooting at about 10. There were about 20 of us including four medical staff taking part in the filming. The medical staff involved were Dr Owen Miller, Melinda Edwards, Gemma Day and Dr Thomas Witten (I was his first ever emergency).

We were filmed being interviewed, taking part in role plays and talking about our experiences. A lot of the activities referred to how people will cope when they are older and have to move out of the Evelina. I really enjoyed the day because I enjoy acting and cinema.

The launch was on the 11th May 2010 at the cinema at Evelina hospital. We arrived to a red carpet experience. All feeling like film stars, we then watched all the films in the cinema and each of us were called up for an Oscar award. Over all the event was great fun and its something I would like to do again…


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