The Pope is Coming to Visit

Posted: September 16, 2010 by INC in general, news, Pupil
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 By royal invitation the Pope is coming to visit the United Kingdom on a visit of both state and church. The price of hosting the Pope is estimated to be around £15million and that is not including the security costs. The Pope will be arriving on Thursday 16th 2010 and will be staying for four days and while in the UK the Pope will personally visit the cities of London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh. In London he will give an address in Westminster Hall, in the Houses of Parliament, and meet the Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor Rowan Williams. He will hold a prayer vigil in Hyde Park and will be staying in the capital for two days. In Birmingham he will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman. This is the first step to Cardinal Newman becoming a saint. In Glasgow, he will meet the Queen. His first port of call will be Edinburgh. This will be the first papal visit for 28 years and a lot of events have been planned out to entertain his Holiness during his stay, including Susan Boyle and Maria Fidelis choir singing. However not everyone is happy that the Pope is coming. Some people believe that the price of hosting him is to steep and so would prefer him not to come. Others because of the current controversy currently surrounding the Catholic Church about paedophile and gay practice but despite all this the Pope arrives today, 16th of September 2010.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Nice work OO. Clear and concise and a little bit of controversy to keep the reader interested.
    Now that you have been discharged, if you want to send in some edits to us, or a picture to add in, you can email us at the school address.

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