Have a great summer!

Posted: July 22, 2010 by INC in general
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Hopefully this blog will continue throughout the holidays. Maybe there’ll be some quizzes, more fun stuff.

We’ve got used to the secondary pupils voicing strong opinions; having their say about world events, and things closer to home, and I’m hoping that when I drop in over the next six weeks I’m going to see you’ve all lost none of your edge with the holidays.

My particular thanks go to ROH, HBL and JC  who have been major contributors and made this blog something vibrant and dynamic. You each have your individual styles. I am incredibly proud of you and am looking forward to your posts about the Globe – if you’ve lost your forms get in touch with Kate asap – and all the other  things you’ll want to say and tell everyone about.

It’d be nice to have some creative writing.( JC how about some poetry from you? You know you do it so well.) If you are feeling a bit shy, perhaps you could choose a favourite poem and share it here.

Or have a rant. Or tell us something that has made you smile. Or something that has surprised you. Maybe you’ll surprise yourselves.

Have a great holiday. Well done all of you, and thank-you for being such a fantastic bunch of pupils to teach.


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