Ich bin Deutsche (:

Posted: June 30, 2010 by rosalindayli in HBL, Leukaemia, medical conditions, Pupil
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From three thirty Sunday, I became German.

 For me, the beautiful game is no longer football but Fuβball. The doctors and nurses on the High Dependency Unit (HDU)  were encouraging their patients to cheer on the England boys,  but I was sitting there with my head in my hands crying. It didn’t help that my sister had been sick all over me.

I was on HDU with my family, after a week that provided a lot more drama, than the World Cup. H went to the Royal Marsden for her weekly dose of chemotherapy but they sent her home too early, because they needed the bed.  At home H was fine. She was playing in the garden, when H came in all  of a sudden and layed down and fell asleep. My mum knew something wrong, my mum was talking to H but she wasn’t responding. My mum called an ambulance and they arrived within three minutes. H was then taken to hospital. H had to go into intensive care unit and have a breathing tube put down to help her breath. She also had a pulmonary edema which is when the heart starts to fail and puts pressure on the lungs. The week was very scary. She had her breathing tube taken out on Saturday and was up running around.  On Tuesday H went to a Starlight party which she enjoyed a lot. It was great fun for the whole family.

Auf  Wiedersehen England !

  1. evelinasec says:

    Prima, HBL!
    I know you had to rush today, and I think if you look at this post you’ll see a few places where it could be improved.
    Look in particular at your punctuation, spelling and paragraphing.
    How about including Starlight in your tags?

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