Jacksons make $1bn just one year after Michael’s death!

Posted: June 29, 2010 by orlandoayli in biography, festivals and remembrance, news, Pupil, ROH
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Michael Jackson’s estate has made more than $1bn (£677m) since his sudden death in 2009.

 US magazine Billboard reported that Michael’s  album sales have generated a total of $383m (£259m) whilst the revenue from his film “This Is It “has made a reported $400m (£271m).

Sony Music Entertainment has made a deal to release another 10 albums of the late singer’s music over the next seven years, including one of never before heard material.

It was just one year ago that Michael was found dead.  with a shroud of mystery around his death

The boom in record and film sales shows that people are still grieving for the King of Pop all over the world.   

Most of the world’s capitals have been paying tribute to him.

In London, people moon walked all over Trafalgar Square. In Puri in India, people made a sand sculpture. Hollywood people laid tributes on the star’s name.  

It looks like just like Elvis, Michael will make more money dead than alive

  1. evelinasec says:

    Well edited Ryan, I can see a big improvement on your first draft. Well done. An interesting angle on the story.

  2. j.c says:

    Well done to the person who wrote that very good xx

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