Killings in Cumbria

Posted: June 7, 2010 by orlandoayli in general, news

A small town in Cumbria grieves  for the loss of some of its town as the effects of Wednesday 3rd June still echo its streets.

Wednesday saw the most brutal killings that Whitehaven has ever seen.  Derrick  Bird,  who was a local resident,  killed twelve and injured many more people. The first person he killed was his twin brother David.

Relatives of Derrick and David, who at first played down the feuding between the brothers have now said that on the eve of the murders they had in fact been arguing.                                                   

Derrick  Bird was involved in a major tax fraud investigation into a undeclared £60,000 and was facing serious financial difficulties.

Bird went around in his car shooting out the window at the public. He killed 12 people: Jennifer and John Jackson, Kenneth Fishburn, Darren Rewcastle, Susan Hughes, Isaac Dixon, Garry Purdham, Jane Robinson, Michael Pike , James Clark and David Bird. Some of the victims were known to Derrick Bird and deliberately targeted by him .

After doing this horrible crime he drove to local woods and shot himself. The town has arranged a memorial to the people who have been murdered.


  1. Bernard says:

    Very sensitivity written. You convey the drama of the event in a restrained and thoughtful way. I’d not realised he was in debt for so much.

  2. orlandoayli says:

    omg ur one is well gd ryan wicked i like it alot ,i did not no he was in debt to i never new , good work 🙂

  3. ROH says:

    I’m going to edit ‘Wednesday saw the most brutal killings that Whitehaven has ever seen’ to
    ‘Wednesday saw the most brutal killings that Whitehaven has ever witnessed’ i have changed the words so that it is less repetative .

  4. evelinasec says:

    Another good clear post by ROH. I like the way you give the facts and also the human dimension with details of the town grieving. Well done.

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