Rosalind character profile

Posted: May 14, 2010 by orlandoayli in general

Rosalind Rosalind is the exiled Duke Senior’s daughter. Rosalind’s function in the play is vital. When circumstances make the characters go to the forest, Rosalind is always in the middle of all major conflicts and it is she who resolves them. She is a complex and caring character. We also see that she is a witty character, because she is very light-hearted and tells jokes a lot. At the same time we are reminded that she is an outsider even in the court were she grow up. When her father is exiled and she misses him she still laughs and jokes for Celia’s sake. Rosalind has the ability to overcome her deeply felt emotions. When she first hears that Orlando is in the forest she feels giddy but she soon overcomes it and takes control of the situation. She is also very clever. She makes up an imaginary alias, “Ganymede”, a man for when she goes into the forest as women travelling alone were more vulnerable than men. She is very brave as she stands up to Duke Frederick and tells him that her “father was no traitor”. Also after being banished from the court, she goes into the forest with only Celia and Touchstone for safety and company. By ROH Bibliography: As You Like It, William Shakespeare


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