Message from Kate @ the Globe

Posted: May 12, 2010 by INC in general, globe theatre

The countdown to the event has begun and we need to put our ideas into action. This is the grid that Kate has devised to show who is doing what:

Area Representing Sound Element Tech Element Live Element Art/Props Decoration.
1)      Outside wall


Prologue. Our journey from beginning to end. Represented by colour and image. N/a n/a n/a Windows to be made along the wall (created image).

Any illustrations for the wall.

Coloured material and paper card covering the current display.

Reds and golds for court.

Greens/browns and blues for forest/nature.

Ribbon to section of the rest of the atrium.

2)Secondary classroom.




















Throne room and introduction to court. Possible laptop with recordings. Video, created by Ros playing on TV screen. n/a Masks;displayed on table for audience use. WE WILL BE NEEDING AROUND 60 MASKS FOR THE DAY.

Some masks to have character biogs.



Material (red/gold/purple) covering walls and surfaces.

Beige office umbrella to cover throne.

Black classroom umbrella to be half tree in the forest and half chandelier in the classroom.

3)Store Cupboard.












Setting up the ‘bad’ court. Establishing the idea of banishment. Mini-voice recorders with text and descriptions of the court. Possibility of projecting text with laptop. n/a n/a Storage shelves covered with dark material.
4)Primary class room.

Primary class.


















The court

(Duke Frederick).

Banqueting Hall.

n/a n/a Act 1 scene 3

Performed by Secondary students.

All ideas;

Shields. Food.

Portraits. Swords etc.

All cupboards covered.

Possible to use black material the first time through, so we can uncover the ‘kind’ court at the end. Transformation to a different colour scheme.




5) Balcony.









The journey.

Leaving the court and going in to the forest.

n/a Fairy lights and lanterns. Possibility of end of Act 1 scene 3. Performed by secondary or Globe.

Maybe buskers outside.

Stained glass windows.

Footprints with quotes.


(cover bikes)

6)Top garden


The rural area. Sound boxes with recordings. As above possibly n/a n/a

Masks will be left here.

Maypole. Ordered by Globe.








  1. kate says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I hope that the action plan is OK – I look forward to hearing how it has progressed on Monday. Please don’t hesitiate to get in contact if you have any quesitons at this stage. Please keep me updated on how it is going – we are hoping to have some material with you by the end of today!


  2. evelinasec says:

    Hi Kate
    We have been working on character studies, plot summaries, quotations that tell us things about characters to inform our mask designs.

    We have also started to make fans with the same quotes and we will use them again probably on the decorative slippers…

    Megan has made a kaleidoscope and we have looked out a couple of quotes that describe the court and the forest.

    See you later!

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