Airplane Crash

Posted: April 21, 2010 by orlandoayli in news

Map of Poland

Polish prime minister Lech Kaczynski has been found dead, an airplane crashed with him and his wife Maria in side it. It happened in western Russia on Saturday the 10 April. It was with senior Polish politicians  He was travelling to a memorial service in Kaytan he was going to commemorate the remembrance of the murdered people who died in World War Two. L ech was only 60 years old when he died. He married Maria in 1978 and only had one daughter together.  Lech was leader of Poland for five years this year. One of my teachers from Poland has said she felt shocked and and very upset. She also said she felt sorry for Lech’s family and his daughter most of all. Some of the news reports have now said it could of been the ash from island that caused this. We are now wondering how Poland is going to cope? And how are they going to move on?

For a photograph of the Katyn memorial, click here

By Secondary Journalist JC yr 8

  1. orlandoayli says:

    i think my news report is very good and i worked very hard on it so im happy with my self and my work

  2. Aleunam says:

    Dear Orlandoayli (or JC),
    I was really interested to read our rreport on the plane crash in Poland. I thought the piece was very well written and that it ‘came from the heart’. You obviously did some research before writing your article, and I was impressed that your research included an interview with a Polish member of staff as well as news reports from the web. There was one piece of news that I had not been aware of before you drew it to my attention – I had no idea that some people were now connecting the plane crash to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. I would be interested to see evidence for this, as the original cause was the poor weather conditions, not the ash. Surely meteorologists the ash cloud would have been spotted across Russian airspace much earlier? I would be interested to hear more on this matter, should you read reports of evidence for this hypothesis.

    • Aleunam says:

      thank you for commenting on my news report i will keep on lokking to see if there iis any more info on the airpane crash j.c

  3. rosalindayli says:

    I really liked your work on the Polish president. You have given a lot of information about what happened. I Also like the bit, when you said one of your teachers were upset and shocked. You worked very well on this piece.

  4. evelinasec says:

    Well done JC. You worked hard on this and you have achieved a great result. 🙂
    What skills have you learned from doing this?

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