Keeping it private

Posted: March 22, 2010 by bmordan in ICT and eSafety at Evelina
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To protect digital documents as we carry them on a USB stick we use an encryption programme called TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is an open source programme, which means it has been developed as a free resource to help people using computers.

Download TrueCrypt then watch this video to learn how to use it.

  1. jk says:

    Good tutorial. Thank you.
    Q: If the student has school work on the USB stick, they obviously don’t want their work wiped but perhaps they do not want others to have access to it. Is there a way they could leave a label on it (like a name and number) so that the finder could find out who it belonged to without accessing or deleting the files?

  2. bernie says:

    You could scratch a name and number onto the USB stick itself?

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